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Flourishing since 1999, Donna Beauty Clinic is an exquisite, luxurious, and elegant beauty salon, offering the best bridal makeups, skin treatments & rejuvenating facials, hair styling & hair treatments, and holistic spa packages – a perfect abode to relax, pamper, and refresh your body and senses. A trusted point for the care of your most treasured possession – your beauty.

A center point for beauty treatments and bridal makeovers, Donna Beauty Clinic is essentially the first choice in Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR; for women looking for the best in the beauty industry and the brides-to-be dreaming of experiencing the most beautiful and cherished day of their lives. The calm and friendly environment of Donna Beauty Clinic, our well-trained and experienced therapists, and the choice of best quality authentic products and guidance ensure a beneficial and relaxing experience. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. Treatments are professional and personal, ensuring an individual service suited to your needs.

DONNA Beauty Clinic: The Commitment

“Our passion is to transform you to your beautiful best, enhancing your best features and natural beauty”

Donna Beauty Clinic aspires to the values of Mrs. Talat Ansari with a paramount commitment to their clients for exclusivity, quality, and the use of the best and most genuine products. The relentless efforts of the entire team of Donna ensure that every client returns with the best beauty experience and a rejuvenated confidence.

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We are artists who define your beauty to enhance your personality.

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At Donna, you will experience the latest in makeup, skin and hair care.

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Meet the Founder

The story of Donna is, in essence, the story of Mrs. Talat Ansari, who has magnificently built and enhanced her establishment of beauty clinics, bridal studios, and beauty spas, since the day she started her journey towards the ultimate beauty world in 1999.

Her persistent commitment to her customers and non-compromising attitude towards the use of quality products has buoyed Donna Beauty Clinic to be a well-renowned and trusted name in the beauty world. What started as a passion for Mrs. Talat Ansari, took shape as an idea for a business venture, when she enrolled for a course in Shahnaz’s Women World International and then advanced further with her skills in skin and hair treatments by attending various world-class training by companies like L’oreal, Schwarzkopf, O3+, and various global courses. A golden list of courses from the London School of Beauty and Makeup; top-of-the-line makeup gurus from London, and companies like MAC, and Anastasia, give her art a modern edge of glamour among the rest.

Trusted and famous for her exquisite and elegant bridal makeovers and special occasion makeups, Mrs. Talat Ansari continues to develop her skills and services with continued training and adopting new technologies.

Talat Ansari: The Beauty Connoisseur

OUR vision

Our vision is to be the premier destination for discerning clients seeking personalized beauty treatments, flawless bridal makeovers, and rejuvenating spa experiences. We aim to inspire and uplift our clients, helping them embrace their unique beauty and radiate confidence in every aspect of their lives.

What I
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Our products are 100% ecological and specially formulated to provide expert skin care while also caring for the planet.


With over a decade of hands-on experience in the field, all treatments are carried out in a safe and professional setting.


Our product line undergoes vigorous testing to ensure that no ingredient used causes any unwanted reactions on sensitive skin.


Our treatments and products are specially formulated to address the needs of different skin types, ranging from dry to combination.


Our Team

The founder of Donna Beauty Clinic, Mrs. Talat Ansari has come far away from where she started, with her sheer dedication and artistic ability. Her passion for her work is beautifully self-described: “My passion is transforming someone, so when they look in the mirror they are lost for words.” Now a multi-award winner, with over 22 years of experience “in the biz”, Talat concentrates her artistry on individual clients, with a reputation for creating a truly personal look, that works with your features to make you look the best “you” can be. She has learned and mastered the art of makeup from the most reputed institutes in the UK and India.

Talat Ansari

A perfectionist with an artist’s soul, she forgets the world around her while working with her brides. Asmat dedicates her time in understanding and innovating the creative looks for her Donna brides. Her looks are tailored to individual brides, from pop pink, natural nude, and ravishing red lips to liquid flicks and smoldering smoky eyes. With an experience of over a decade, she is the most sought-after name for the brides of today’s generation. She has learned the art from the industry masters, and she keeps herself abreast of the latest trends. Asmat’s bridal looks speak of her high creativity, imagination, and amazing aesthetic sense.

Asmat Qadri

A young woman with the willpower and drive of an achiever, Sana has joined the beauty industry after years of flying as a senior cabin crew with Qatar Airways. Her bridal and makeup looks are immaculate and precise. Sana understands the importance of achieving a balance between looking fabulous and keeping it natural – “you should always feel like yourself” is her mantra. Her passion for cosmetics and hairstyling stems from the sheer creativity of it. There are “no rules or boundaries – just endless possibilities,” says Sana. A shining star at Donna; to her, the art of makeup comes naturally.

Sana Khan


I initially got referred to Durga beauty studio academy by my doctor, since I suffer from a psoriasis that's been difficult to manage with medication alone. Thanks to Durga salon know-how, we've been able to keep the flair-ups down for a year now.

I recently moved to the area and was looking for a beauty salon that would offer both body treatments and nail services. Durga beauty salon does both, and she does them well. Thanks girl!

Durga beauty studio is the best – I've been regularly seeing her for 2 years now and I've been able to seriously improve my cystic acne. She's professional and knows what she's doing.

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